what makes people follow you on social media

What Makes People Follow You on Social Media?

Potential followers have four main consideration when deciding to follow a new creator. To meet all four, it's important to audit your content according to each consideration, and make sure you're presenting a social media presence that makes someone want to fit 'follow'. 

what makes people follow you on social media


Potential followers evaluate your content to see if it provides VALUE to them. Is it entertaining or funny? Does it provide tips on topics they like, like fashion or beauty? Is there home or travel content? Workout or cooking ideas? Regardless of what type of content it is, the value it presents is what potential followers care the most about. 


Next, potential followers look at your feed to see if it passes the "Five Second Rule". Nitsan talks all about this in Module 2 of MYB, and the importance of having a cohesive, professional and aesthetic feed to draw in new followers. 

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Potential followers evaluate the way you interact with your audience to make sure they are joining an engaged and positive community. This is why it is so important to reply to comments and create community conversations with Q&As, polls and even IG Lives.


Lastly, potential followers evaluate social proof. This is not the largest consideration, but still something to be mindful of. They may check to see if you work with reputable brands, how many followers you have, or if you are followed by other creators they like. 


There is no single thing that will make people hit follow, so it's important to keep all these factors in mind, and strive to make your social profile a reflection of the content & community you want to build. 

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