A Look Inside The Ultimate Creator Crash Course

A Look Inside The Ultimate Creator Crash Course

If you've been thinking about enrolling in the Mind Your Business course, but want to get a better idea of what is inside - then this is for you! Keep reading for an in-depth break down of the 14 lessons and digital downloads that make up the ultimate creator crash course.

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Module 1: Building Your Brand

Starting off with the basics, Nitsan takes you through her Intro Questionaire to help build or develop your personal brand, covering everything from how to choose the right social handle to what type of content to focus on. Module 1 also includes the MYB Industry Cheat Sheet, breaking down all the industry terms and words you need to know to Mind Your Business.

Module 2: Content Creation

In Module 2, Nitsan shares everything you need to know to create high quality, sharable content that drives engagement and growth across your social channels. She spills it all, including the exact tactics she uses for shooting content & designing an aesthetic feed. 

Module 3: Let's Talk Money

The module name says it all, and Nitsan holds no detail back in Module 3. In these 4 lessons, Nitsan covers how content creators make money, when to start charging brands and what you're charging for. She also shares an industry Rate Chart so you never have to worry about under charging for work again. 

Module 4: Your Media Kit

Before diving into how to secure partnerships, Module 4 focuses on building your media kit. Nitsan shares her Media Kit Template and takes you through how to personalize it so you have everything you need to start pitching brands professionally.  

Module 5: Brand Communications

In Module 5, it's time to start pitching yourself to brands! Nitsan explains how to find brand contacts and write a professional pitch that actually get a response. She explains the strategies she uses to secure paid partnerships and how to create your own opportunities in the creator and influencer economy. 

Module 6: I Got A Partnership, Now What

In Module 6, Nitsan shares everything you need to know to execute successful partnerships, and develop long term brand relationships. Module 6 also includes templates like the MYB Brand Partnership Checklist, Invoice Template and Partnership Tracking Template to help level up your professionality.  

Module 7: Growth Strategies

If you're looking for growth hacks, you won't find them here. In Module 7, Nitsan shares proven tactics to actually grow your social channels, and daily habits to help you gain followers and increase engagement organically. 

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