Minding her Business: @LIFEBYBANEET

Minding her Business: @LIFEBYBANEET

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Meet Vancouver based creator, Baneet Khun Khun!

How did you get into content creation and what kind of content do you focus on? 
I got into content creation at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. While my job wasn't impacted, I found myself at home and bored after work. I've always had a love for fashion and decided that it was the right time to switch my account to a professional profile. At first my content focussed mostly on health and wellness as I looked at fitness as something that helped me immensely during periods of isolation, but slowly my love for fashion started taking over my account. It quickly became something I found so easy and fun to post about! Currently I focus mostly on fashion, but I love to throw bits of self care and wellness into my posts still! 
How do you balance being a creator with your 9-5 job?
Lots of planning and scheduling! Ideally I would shoot content in real time, but when I'm busy I like to plan out shoot days on my day off.
What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self? 
Start now! I cannot tell you how many times I thought of starting my Instagram, but got too scared of judgement from others. From my experience, people will judge you either way so start now and believe that if you are truly passionate about something your hard work will pay off!!! 
What are the best & most challenging parts of being a content creator? 
The best part for me is being creative and coming up with ideas for collaborations. The most challenging part is balancing time on social media- I’ve found that if I turn my notifications off of socials that I’m less likely to be constantly checking them!  
What are your primary revenue streams as a creator? 
Content creation for brands where there is no posting requirement for me, but the brand is paying for content and usage rights and LTK are my main revenue streams. 
What are your must-have for running your creator business (apps, websites, notebooks/planners, etc.)? 
Having a planner is an absolute must for me! I also have a spreadsheet with the brands I’m currently working with, due dates, deliverables, and where I’m at in completing them! 
Why did you take the Mind Your Business by Nitsan Raiter  course? What lesson did you find the most helpful and why? 
I took the MYB course because there’s no course like it! When you’re starting out as a content creator it can be challenging to gain the knowledge you need to run a successful business and MYB ticks all the boxes. I learned how to price my service, reach out to brands, negotiate with brands, and take photos that brands love! 
If you were to manifest your dream partnership, what would it be?
To name a few- Revolve, 437, and Farfetch! I’m using my MYB tips to try and turn these dreams into reality!! 
Tell us about a  “pinch-me moment” in your creator career! 
Having the opportunity to work with Hudson’s Bay and Aveeno were both definitely pinch-me moments! Seeing brands that have billboards, commercials, and magazine ads want to work with me is always so exciting!! 
What’s one #MYBTIP you can share with our community? 
Don’t wait for brands to find you- if you want to work with a brand reach out!! 
Keep up with Baneet on Instagram and Tiktok @lifebybaneet!   

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