How Do Influencers Make Money?

How Do Influencers Make Money?

If you're starting out as a content creator or influencer, understanding how to make money and monetize content is KEY! Don't know where to start - we've got you covered. 

Content Posting Partnerships

Brands pay creators for specific posts, like Instagram feed or stories, TikToks or YouTube videos, that feature a brand/products in a promotion or educational way. This is the most traditional way that creators make money, and brand spending on partnerships like this is increasing every year - providing a lot of opportunity for creators and influencer. Understanding how much to charge brands for this kind of content is crucial, so we created our top secret RATE CHART to stop creators from under charging for content!

Affiliate Programs

A lot of brands offer affiliate programs that creators and influencers, regardless of follower size, can sign up for. Creators can join affiliate programs for brands & products they genuinely love, and create links that allow them to share the products on their socials or blogs. Anytime the specific link is used to purchase a product, the creator will earn a commision! LTK is one of the largest and most popular affiliate programs, so we definitely suggest creating an account.


Platforms, like YouTube, pay creators for allowing them to show advertisements on their content. 

Products & Merch

A lot of creators have starting making and selling their own products and merch! This can range from branded t-shirts and hoodies all the way to full-out beauty and make-up brands. Our friends over at Pietra make it super easy for creators to create and launch products too! 

other ways creators and influencers make money

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